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Paulding County

Claudia J. Fickel

Paulding County Auditor
Paulding County Auditor's Office
Address: 115 N Williams St.,
Suite 101
Paulding, OH 45879
Office: (419) 399-8205
Fax: (419) 399-5713
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-4:30PM
Auditor Email:
Other Contact Information
Budgetary: 419-399-8205
CAUV: 419-399-8206
Dog Tags: 419-399-8205
Homestead: 419-399-8241
Manufactured Homes: 419-399-8245
Payroll: 419-399-8208
Transfers: 419-399-8245
Treasurer's Office: 419-399-8279
Vendors License: 419-399-8208
Auditor Portrait Auditor Portrait

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