Building Permits
Building Permits Policy/Code

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any building or shed sized 12’ X 16’ or larger (whether on skids or not) requires a building permit (Agricultural permits are not required per ORC 519.21 -see below). Also requiring a permit are any addition to an existing structure, decks, patios, porches, conversion of an attic or basement into living area and replacing existing windows, siding, and/or roofing. ONLY Auglaize, Brown, and Jackson Townships and Latty & Broughton Villages are not zoned; therefore, the County Auditor’s office issues the building permits for these townships and villages. All other townships and villages must go to their zoning inspector/trustees for a building permit. Improvements within a village must get a building permit from the village.

The Auditor's office still requires notification of improvements and/or buildings if the agricultural permit requirement is waived. Please see O.R.C. 5713.17 below.

AuglaizeRepealed November 22, 2016  
BentonTom Sinn(419) 399-4613(419) 399-4613
Blue CreekRobert Laukhuf(419) 622-6454 
*BrownNot Currently Zoned  
CarryallMike Molitor(419) 633-2610 
CraneMike Brady(419) 786-0000 
EmeraldNylice Thomas(419) 399-3171 
HarrisonDave Jordon(419) 786-9788
*JacksonNot Currently Zoned  
LattyLyle Ebel or Jeff Ebel(419) 587-3465
PauldingTom Sinn(419) 399-4613(419) 399-4613
WashingtonNeil Beining(419) 786-9936 

ORC 5713.17 Duty to notify county auditor of improvement costing over $2,000-penalty-examination of buildings.

To enable the county auditor to determine the value and location of buildings and other improvements, any person, other than a railroad company or a public utility whose real property is valued for taxation by the tax commissioner, that constructs any building or other improvement costing more than two thousand dollars upon any lot or land within a township or municipal corporation not having a system of building registration and inspection shall notify the county auditor of the county within which such land or lot is located that the building or improvement has been completed or is in process of construction. The notice shall be in writing, shall contain an estimate of the cost of the building or improvement, shall describe the lot or land and its ownership in a manner reasonably calculated to allow the county auditor to identify the lot or tract of land on the tax list, and shall be served upon the county auditor not later than sixty days after construction of the building or improvement has commenced.

Upon the discovery of a building or improvement that has been constructed but of which the county auditor has not been notified as required by this section, the county auditor shall appraise it and place it upon the tax list and duplicate at its taxable value, together with a penalty equal to fifty per cent of the amount of taxes that would have been charged against the building or improvement from the date of construction to the date of discovery had the county auditor been notified of its construction as required by this section.

The county auditor, or his deputy, within reasonable hours, may enter and fully examine all buildings and improvements that are either liable to or exempt from taxation by Title LVII [57] if the Revised Code.

ORC 519.21 Powers not conferred on township zoning commission by chapter.

(A) Except as otherwise provided in division (B) of this section, sections 519.02 to 519.25 of the Revised Code confer no power on any township zoning commission, board of township trustees, or board of zoning appeals to prohibit the use of any land for agricultural purposes or the construction or use of buildings or structures incident to the use for agricultural purposes of the land on which such buildings or structures are located, including buildings or structures that are used primarily for vinting and selling wine and that are located on land any part of which is used for viticulture, and no zoning certificate shall be required for any such building or structure.

(B) A township zoning resolution, or an amendment to such resolution, may in any platted subdivision approved under section 711.05, 711.09, or 711.10 of the Revised Code, or in any area consisting of fifteen or more lots approved under section 711.131 of the Revised Code that are contiguous to one another, or some of which are contiguous to one another and adjacent to one side of a dedicated public road, and the balance of which are contiguous to one another and adjacent to the opposite side of the same dedicated public road regulate:

(1) Agriculture on lots of one acre or less;

(2) Buildings or structures incident to the use of land for agricultural purposes on lots greater than one acre but not greater than five acres by: set back building lines; height; and size;

(3) Dairying and animal and poultry husbandry on lots greater than one acre but not greater than five acres when at least thirty-five per cent of the lots in the subdivision are developed with at least one building, structure, or improvement that is subject to real property taxation or that is subject to the tax on manufactured and mobile homes under section 4503.06 of the Revised Code. After thirty-five per cent of the lots are so developed, dairying and animal and poultry husbandry shall be considered nonconforming use of land and buildings or structures pursuant to section 519.19 of the Revised Code.

Division (B) of this section confers no power on any township zoning commission, board of township trustees, or board of zoning appeals to regulate agriculture, buildings or structures, and dairying and animal and poultry husbandry on lots greater than five acres.

(C) Such sections confer no power on any township zoning commission, board of township trustees, or board of zoning appeals to prohibit in a district zoned for agricultural, industrial, residential, or commercial uses, the use of any land for a farm market where fifty per cent or more of the gross income received from the market is derived from produce raised on farms owned or operated by the market operator in a normal crop year. However, a board of township trustees, as provided in section 519.02 of the Revised Code, may regulate such factors pertaining to farm markets as size of the structure, size of parking areas that may be required, set back building lines, and egress or ingress, where such regulation is necessary to protect the public health and safety.

Effective Date: 03-30-1999