CAUV Program
CAUV Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CAUV Program?

It is a state-sponsored, county-implemented application program providing property tax reductions on farmland of ten acres or more devoted exclusively to agricultural use or for timberlands. The program is available for tracts of land that are less than ten acres, if the average yearly gross farm income for the past three years is at least $2,500 from agricultural products. Under the CAUV program, farmland is valued based on soil types rather than the “best and highest use”.

2016 Revaluation

The CAUV soil rates are updated every three years during the reappraisal and the triennial. Rates were adjusted during the 2016 Reappraisal.

How do I apply?

The filing period for CAUV is the first Monday in January through the first Monday in March. The applicant must renew every year by returning a renewal from. Also, if there is a change in ownership, the new owner must apply for the CAUV program. A $25.00 one time application fee is due at the time of application. Checks should be made payable to the Paulding County Treasurer.

What happens if my land no longer qualifies for CAUV?

IMPORTANT: By law, if the property ever fails to meet the qualifications or if the owner elects to withdraw from the program, a penalty or recoupment will be charged that is equal to three years of tax savings. Also, if you fail to renew your annual application, you no longer qualify and will be charged the penalty.