New Construction
New Construction

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What does the new construction program do?

The yearly new construction program assures that all parcels of real property that have structural changes are appraised (or “valued”) at their current fair market value and the assessed at 35% of that value. The method is established by Ohio law.

Why check for new construction every year?

Yearly inspection of building additions and removals keeps the tax burden equitable for everyone in the county. Otherwise, a property with a new building might not pay taxes on that structure for as many as five years (that is, until the next revaluation). On the other hand, a property with a destroyed building could be paying taxes on a non-existent structure for up to five years.

Will someone visit my property?

Yes. A field technician will inspect each property that has reported either new construction or building destruction and record relevant information on the county’s property record card.

How does the county find out about new structures?

Most are found by building permits that are issued either through the zoning inspector or the county auditor’s office. It is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the County Auditor in writing of any new, destroyed or damaged structure. The owner must notify the auditor “not later than 60 days after construction of the building . . . commences.” The notice or building permit must contain the structure’s estimated cost at completion, the owner’s name as it appears on the deed, and the property’s location.

What happens if I don’t report a new structure?

The Ohio Revised Code (5713.17) states:

"Upon the discovery of a building...the auditor shall appraise it...together with a penalty equal to 50% of the amount of taxes that would have been charged...from the date of construction to the date of discovery..."

Therefore, it is very important to notify the county auditor's office of any changes to your property.